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We will go the places most people are not willing to go to. 

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#1 Bosnian Pyramids

#2 Pyramids of the grand canyon 

#3 Pyramids of Antartica

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We Are The Paranormal Voice Of The HooD ,     Come Take A Ride In Our HooD and Let Your Voice Be Heard !

JiGGY talks Para Celebrities on Spooky SouthCoast w/ Tim Weisberg 11/12/16  WBSM 1420 AM 

What's hood HooDeeZ?

Do you believe in Angels, Ghosts, Demons or supernatural forces? Have you or someone you know or love experienced something inexplicable? The HooDeeZ get together with our host Jiggy every Thursday night 8-11pm EST to explore the possibilities, share experiences, and discover the undiscovered. We invite you to join us, share your experience, and get a little shook. So put on your hood, rep your hood, and tell us whats good @ParanormalHood.

Join #Jiggy and the #HooDeeZ on our journey through hoods ancient and modern, fake and real as we think outside the box and see what's really not good in the HooD.

ParanormalHooDLive Radio Show 
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JiGGY Live for 1st terrestrial radio interview on Spooky Southcoast WBSM  1420 AM  11/12/16   See and Hear a tamed , non profane and non High JiGGY .........

JiGGY & D4Now take a Drone and investigate the Bridgewater Triangle (Teaser)

<<<New>>> Part 1 JiGGY sits down at Laced Boston to interview Ab-Soul and talk all things Paranormal including NDE's ,Ghosts , Death , The Void and more .........

DJ Whoo Kid  (Shade  45 , Whoolywood Shuffle and G-Unit Producer) sits down for some Paranormal talk with JiGGY and ParanormalHooD at Laced Boston ......... Part 1. 

Check out episode 2! Investigation of Prospect Hill

Here is the premiere episode of Paranormal Hood Show, Boston Common Investigation.

Here is an article publish by Boston based paper The Phoenix

A new crew keeps watch over the spirits of Boston

Haunted 'Hood
By ARIEL SHEARER  |  October 23, 2012

Joe "Jiggy" Webb is talking to dead people. He's standing on Boston Common at 10 o'clock at night; the moonlight glints off his shiny bald head and the gold dog tag around his neck. He's staring at his hand-held Ghost Meter Pro, which is buzzing and flashing.

"Are you buried somewhere right below us?" he asks. "Can you make the lights blink, please?"

The red light on the Ghost Meter Pro blinks once.

At 42 years old, Webb has formed an intimate bond with death. He's been shot in the leg, and once walked away from a totaled car with no more than a bruise. And after his last brush with mortality — a brain aneurysm in 2006 — Webb started working outreach for the other side.

By day he runs his own security firm — working bouncer gigs and bodyguarding stars like Faith Evans, Naughty by Nature, and Gavin DeGraw. But he spends nights immersed in supernatural research. He's a paranormal investigator — a ghost hunter — and he calls his operation ParanormalHood.

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