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Our Journey

It has been a long journey for each of us.  Most people have had  things in  life happen that is not explainable. We have all asked ourselves the question. What happens to us when we die. We have the usual stories and belief system that is installed in most of us at birth. But what happens when a situation comes along that changes those beliefs. I have had a life filled with paranormal experiences. my whole life has been filled with situations that i know i shouldn't have walked away from. I personally have had two near death experiences . my story like man others has found me reevaluating most of what I know .  Are there Ghosts ,Spirits that still walk the  Earth in search of something. Who or what is big foot that has a legend that spans back threw our  worlds history . Do aliens come and go as they please and did they seed human beings on this planet .  As we approach what many call biblical times you have to ask yourself what does or did someone know that we don't . Are there some amongst us that know exactly what the fate of the human race will be ? Is the bible o any other holy book correct in mapping out our history until it's end . Do we have false profits feeding us disinformation on purpose to keep us scared and unable to reach our full potential? These and so many more questions in why the HooDeeZ exist . We are going to share our stories with you and take our cameras out so that we may hear your points of view s as well as your stories and beliefs . Together on this journey we will do our best to try and shed light on the darkness of not knowing  JiGGY

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